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Our Perfected Process

Slow and steady wins the race

We have all seen the guy who wears a bad hair piece, or obvious hair transplant, or dyes his hair an unnatural color to conceal hair loss. These “solutions” are all not acceptable in modern day. What is the point in concealing your hair loss if others can see whats going on?
Don’t be fooled by a one time application as this approach is strictly beneficial to the provider and not the consumer. This is a cosmetic treatment, would you rather have this completed in 1 session, (which will be immediately obvious to people and results will vary between each individual) or have treatment applied in multiple stages, which will allow you to gradually build up to your desired results? Think about it from a business owners point of view, there are many advantages to achieving results in just one session.  Less overhead, less work required, less time spent with each client, etc. The David Hoffer SMP process is geared only towards achieving the finest results. Like any other cosmetic procedure or work of art, we utilize a gradual build up process until flawless results are achieved.
We work in a manner of always leaving room to build or add to previous treatment. The average treatment consist of three sessions completed about one week in between each session. This increases communication between practitioner and client to ensure each step taken is exactly what each client desires. This also takes pressure off of each client to choose their new and permanent hairline on the first session. We always work in a manner of which we build on our work. We can always lower the hairline, or add darker pigment, or add more density to treatment, but we cannot take pigmentation away (without painful laser removal!). Therefore the only approach is the slow and precise to ensure the finest results every time.
Everyone’s scalp is different. The skin on each persons scalp is unique, so not everyone will hold or “accept” pigmentation the same way. There are many factors to consider such as dry skin, sun damage, age, ethnicity, thickness of skin, etc. Therefore, a unique approach for each individual is mandatory. These considerations are often overlooked which will most certainly lead to unsavory results.
A slow and methodical approach is the only approach to getting the worlds greatest results. Although our results never deviate from looking natural, the change will be significant. You will want to ease into your new look to get fully acclimated with the new you!