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David Hoffer, from Orange County in California, is one of the world’s best scalp micropigmentation technicians. His appeal comes not just from his exceptional talent, but also his never-ending empathy for his clients.
David is known within the scalp micropigmentation community for his exceptional client service and honest, compassionate approach. He won the Scalp Aesthetics Best Service award in 2015, and the Best Location award in 2016. His work is consistently excellent, and David Hoffer remains one of the most recommended technicians in the United States. Here is David's story....

At the age of 22, I noticed some thinning on the back of my head. Like most men in this situation, I started manipulating my hairstyle to adjust to the new found loss. I went to a caesar-style cut and faux hawk in order to make the hair cover the balding area.

As the loss became more apparent, I found myself fixating on those “Bosley” infomercials, but if anyone would come into the room, I would quickly change the channel. I found a hair brush that claimed to stimulate the blood flow to the scalp for $250, which was a complete scam, but I was desperate. The next step was to cut my hair shorter and bleach it blond, giving it a denser look because now the contrast between my dark hair and lighter scalp wasn’t as big. That didn’t last long and then I found myself with one choice… shave it! Luckily I have a good shaped head, but I still didn’t have a choice. I was bald and all I wanted was to have options. I looked into hair transplants and even went for consultations with 3 major companies. Each promised a head of hair for $10,000 and they all tiptoed around the scar and the amount of hair I would actually have. There had to be a better way.

While Googling one day, I came across the letters SMP (which would be the most important three letters of my life). I had the scalp micropigmentation procedure done, and it gave me what I always wanted, the look of a full head of hair.

The reason I tell this whole long story is because it is a similar story that every guy has gone through (some took different paths, but mostly similar). Knowing how horribly this affected my life, living under hats and comb-overs and lack of confidence, I wanted to help anyone and everyone with my similar story and learn this amazing technique. You see, guys are manly and macho and are supposed to be strong-willed and strong-minded and not let anything break us or show that it bothers us, especially when it comes to our looks, but it does. If I could help people, that would be the ultimate goal for me in life.. HELP OTHERS. There is no other feeling in the world than to help another human being with something and receive the genuine look of joy and glow of confidence that I am able to help them with. There is no better reward. This is why I love what I do. “I am a very humble guy… Im just David. I have been given the opportunity to be in a position to help people and all I want to do is just that! I have been recognized by my peers and am honored to be an award winning artist and master technician in this very talent rich industry and look forward to continuing with my goal which is to send every individual whom walks into my office, out with one thing…. CONFIDENCE.