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What can SMP accomplish?

SMP is a specialized cosmetic tattoo that can create the look of a shaved head of hair, and more. The hairline can be created and applied according to preference and SMP produces an immediate result. Although SMP is subtle enough to go unnoticed, the change to a man/woman’s appearance is drastic and most importantly looks as natural as real hair.

  • SMP creates a “shaved hair” look on a scalp that has experienced ANY amount of hair loss.
  • SMP can conceal scars left from cuts or more commonly, hair transplants.
  • SMP can add the illusion of density to thinning hair, making thinning hair look like it actually has more hair than what is truly there.

Why David Hoffer for SMP?

There are many considerations to be made when choosing the right artist to perform SMP. Once you boil the considerations down, there is really only one that is of upmost importance. Results. Flawless and natural results. Results so undetectable, people will not believe you when you tell them its not your real hair! Results we can provide at DHSMP.

  • Look closely at the results. This does not include a before and after photo of a good looking man in a nice suit from 5 feet away. Look closely at the fine detail of the SMP result.
  • There is not many artists who can produce such a natural result, regardless of distance or lighting. Some providers will tell you no artists results can pass an up close inspection and still look indecipherable compared to real hair, but the truth is, it absolutely can be done.
  • This is a cosmetic procedure that will be exposed and scrutinized by friends, family, and work colleagues. How important is it to you to get SMP from the best artist in the industry?

History of SMP

Although there are many companies or artist that claim they invented SMP, the truth is nobody knows who truly had the original idea. SMP became a formal industry about 10 years ago and the industry continues to grow at a rapid pace for obvious reasons. This procedure can help to instill the confidence back in someone.

  • Although SMP is an extremely specialized tattoo, it is nonetheless a tattoo. For this reason, there are many documented cases of tattoo artist performing such treatments as early as the 1970’s, perhaps even earlier. Although the results of these cases were unsavory to say the least, they were nonetheless, some of the first SMP treatments.
  • We may never know who truly invented SMP, but what is important is the direction in which the SMP industry is going. Results by some of the top artist are truly undetectable when compared to a natural shaved head of hair.

Seek true artist professionals!

This is a cosmetic procedure that will be exposed and scrutinized by friends, family, and work colleagues.
How important is it to you to get SMP from the best artist in the industry?

Why Scalp Micropigmentation

Natural looking

You will have the option to either tell people in your life you’ve had scalp micropigmentation or not. It looks that real. Nobody will suspect a thing.

Immediate results

Although SMP is a 3 step process, you will instantly see results the entire way through the process while always keeping a natural appearance.

Fast Recovery

SMP is less invasive than a conventional tattoo and so recovery is instant. There is simply no recovery time needed, only a few simple aftercare guidelines to follow.

Creating the future-proof,
hair line.

Dramatically change your life and the way you feel about your hairline with scalp micropigmentaion.

Although similar in the sense that both processes involve depositing ink underneath skin, the two treatments are completely different.

People have been getting tattoos for centuries as a form of expressing oneself through words, pictures, or images. SMP on the other hand, is an alteration of appearance. It is purely a cosmetic treatment, a treatment designed to go unnoticed as the result seems so natural when done correctly.

Application of each are different. A conventional tattoo requires a deeper approach while dragging or drawing a needle under the skin. Shading and/or the use of colors are also necessary for a conventional tattooist, which have no place in the SMP industry.Machines used are indeed interchangeable, although not recommended. Since SMP is a more delicate application, the need for as much power as a standard tattoo is not necessary. Other than the power of the motor in a machine, there is no functional difference, making both styles of machine interchangeable. In other words, the only real difference in machines is the look or shell of a machine. SMP or permanent makeup machines are styled to have more of a medical appearance.

SMP requires a very delicate and precise technique. Placing each dot to the correct depth is extremely crucial, as each dot has to have ink deposited in the perfect amount under the skin. When applying Scalp Micropigmentation, an artist cannot cause a lot of trauma because the skin on a scalp is more sensitive compared to the rest of the body. You have to be very gentle and delicate. It would be difficult for a tattoo artist to change techniques from aggressive to less aggressive as its a completely different approach entirely.

Most states require a SMP artist and a tattoo artist to get the same licensing. This is because both methods involve breaking skin with a needle and potentially drawing blood (Blood will not be drawn in every case, it is especially less likely with SMP).  Although both applications fall under the same guidelines for regulation, they are completely different services.

As a consumer, you probably wouldn’t realize the difference between needles used in the industry by separate providers. To the informed, one could simply see from the results just what type of needle and skill a particular artist uses.

What to look for:

The proper sized needle used will create the best work. All around more appealing and natural results. The right needle size should measure  the same size as a real hair follicle. Each individual and ethnicity have different types of hair and also different thicknesses of hair. With that said, the differences in thicknesses are so minuscule, a larger needle would never be necessary to treat a scalp. Look for dots larger than any natural hair follicle. You will need to see close up to identify this flaw.

There is NOTHING special about different needles being used among the industry. The simple “trick” here is utilizing a needle that can make an impression the same size as a real hair. Keep in mind, tattoo needles have been around for centuries. There are dozens of different types of needles that can be purchased which will create the perfect SMP result. A patented needle or just a ‘special’ needle is simply used for marketing. The results lie solely in the artist. Just the same as any type of art or other procedure. Why is there a surgeon in Beverly Hills well known and booked out for months, while other surgeons that have access to the same advanced technology as the Beverly Hills surgeon, not known, not busy, and not recommended by others? After identifying the proper equipment, it is all in the hands of the artist.

Whether you see big and natural dots, the color does not match the hair left on your head, or the hairline drawn does not look natural, we can help rectify the mistake to bring you to a state of not only never worrying about your hair loss again, but you will be proud and excited to show your new look!

David Hoffer Scalp Micropigmentation specializes in producing unrivaled SMP results. There are many providers that cannot create such a natural result.

If you have previously had SMP done, and know that the treatment does not look as real as you had hoped, give us a call to set a consultation.

We will guide you and set a customized plan to get your results looking the way they should, completely undetectable!




DHSMP is a team of seasoned professionals who have joined forces to create a network of support for the SMP community. We are receivers of this process and know first hand the impact it can have on a life. We are;

  • Trained tattoo artists who have been in business for 4+ years
  • True believers in this process and passionate about making a difference in your life.

Trust none but the best for a cosmetic procedure. We encourage you to come in and talk with us, and see if this is a good fit for you.


We will do our best to accommodate your needs and get you in on your requested date and time.


Scalp Micropigmentation

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Building the modern, future-proof, hair line.

Dramatically change your life and the way you feel about your hairline with scalp micropigmentaion.


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